Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Omaha, nice!

No, this is not the most representative photo we took on our jaunt last week to Omaha and Lincoln, but it is the only one with a robotic child-controlled spacecraft, so what the heck.  Hey, we liked Omaha a lot!  Jackson Street Booksellers is now on my short list of all time favorite bookstores.  La Buvette!  M's Pub!

Up in the Bensen neighborhood, where we took this pic, we had the oddest experience.  We had lunch at the Omaha doppelganger of one of our favorite Brooklyn local spots.  Lot 2.  Same name.  Just about the same typography.  Same food ethic.  Similar dishes.  One brick interior wall and same color blue paint.  It was pretty bizarre.  No, they don't know about each other.  I took a pic of the Omaha front door and sent it to the folks in Brooklyn.  A search for the wormhole has begun.  Are Lori and I the only people in the world to have eaten at both?  Seems unlikely, but...  Brooklyn web.  Omaha web.

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