Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad dream

It started with a lady doctor telling a teenage girl patient about a disease she, the patient, did not yet have but was about to have. It got weirder until it was involving dremmel cutting tools and the girl (and the dreamer) finally realize that the doctor is creating the disease in the patient. Wella, wella, wella, I woke up pretty darn quick. Dozed again and came face to face with a monstrous glob of humanity saying it had surgery for anything & everything! Love surgery! It grabbed an appendagy thing hanging from one of it's cheeks and pulled & twisted and - it blew up. Exploded. Smithereens of flesh. Alas, poor dreamer, no more sleep for the next two hours.

Lota also had trouble sleeping last night. Where I suspect my problem was a sharp psychological (or maybe pharmacological) vertigo, she thinks hers was because the room was too warm.

Well, you can bet I trudged right down to the cellar, pulled an AC unit out of mothballs, and installed it this morning. Tonight I'm gonna turn it down way chill, just in case I was only too warm last night, and not just crazy.


juju pongo said...
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juju pongo said...

not just a bad dream, amigo o' mine, that was something truly horrifying/terrifying and am hoping the cooler bedchamber leads to more pleasant nocturnal interludes...
(spelling errors had me pull intial attempt, DOH!)